Tips for Enjoying Your Fireplace More

Winter can seem long, and dreary, it’s always a good idea to find ways to make it a bit more enjoyable. A fireplace can help with this. It adds warmth to the home, it’s beautiful to look at, it’s relaxing, and it can help provide color during a pretty gray time of year. The following tips can help you get even more enjoyment out of the one in your home. Those who don’t have a traditional one in the home, don’t have to be left out, there are plenty of gas and electric options available.

Keep it Clean

Cleaning out the ashes and have the chimney inspected and cleaned yearly. Always wait until the ashes are cool before clearing them out, and never dispose of them inside the house. Take them outside immediately after removing them. The most important consideration is always safety.

Use it for More than Just Warmth

Make popcorn, S’mores, or even hot dogs in it. There are many accessories on the market that allow owners to use them as a type of open oven, or cooking surface. Check them out, and pick one or more up. It’s a fun way to prepare a snack.

Make the Mantel Gorgeous

When eyes are taken off the fire, they likely will be looking at the mantle. Keep pretty items that make you smile on the mantel. When it looks lovely, it naturally provides extra enjoyment.

Have the Right Materials and Tools at Hand

Have tools ready so you can move the wood, and clean the hearth without a lot of effort. Have kindling and a lighter or matches at hand so that fire lighting is easier. If it’s convenient and easy, you’re more likely to use it. If everything isn’t ready to go, it seems more like a dreaded chore, instead of something to enjoy and look forward to.

Keep the above tips in mind. Get in the habit of getting comfortable in front of the fire in the evening, this will quickly turn into a happy part of the day. Just remember to keep safety in mind, use it for cooking up some treats, and make the area surrounding it look amazing.