It feels great when it will occupy a new house / building. Usually this new home, a house that really new so after made, or a newly completed house renovated.

Why clean up a whole new house / building?
New homes for renovation or new homes have been built higher levels of dirtiness compared to homes already inhabited. And the dirty evenly of all the details. Starting from the roof / glass, glass, floor, and everything. And what’s worse is usually the toilet or the bathroom because it is often used by a workman who works, and for detail : construction cleaning services

How to clean a new house / building in total how?

The total house / new building cleaning has the same details as the old house cleaning but for more in-depth work and needs extra handling. Due to the many stains, project feces, material, cement dust from the remnants of very sharp projects and dangers to furniture, and, the components of the house / building. Among the stains and dirt include:

1. Former paint.
The former paint is often attached to the frame, floor, glass, railing, etc. And to clean it is very difficult. Moreover, if used is oil paint, it will be very difficult to clean. Paint that attached to the frame is usually exposed from drip paint that does not immediately wipe the wall while still wet.

And when it is dry it is difficult to remove. Usually to remove it using a cutter, but this way is very risky. Because the frame may get blisters. And if cleaned with chemical specially removal of paint worried surfaces of the paint frames will come peeled off.

Unlike the floor. Floors made of ceramic or marble / terrazzo / granite are slightly easier. Because this material is more resistant to chemical cleaning paint and tool. So it does not matter to clean it up.

And for the glass required an extra careful way of working. In addition to using glass surface chemicals can be cured with a tape or razor blade but with slowly. Because the glass surface contains a layer of plastic that can be scratched. And if the scratched glass surface will blister and can not recover.

And that’s the way that is often used by cleaning services / services cleaning service in addition to a special way that we can not submit in this paper, you can contact us : construction cleaning company

2. Former cement.
Used cement is often present on the floor. And it is often the biggest problem of cleaning a new house / building. Because the former cement includes the most difficult to clean, both from the material to the marks of cement streaks. Often project workers use prostate or HCL to clean it up. However this is very dangerous for the floor. Because this chemical is quite hard so it can damage the floor surface, the floor becomes opaque and dull. And often happens because of our ignorance, many are using it. Even by cleaning service / cleaning service service that is fatal.

3. The former glue.
Glue marks are often seen when installing glass, cabinets, etc. This becomes something that requires extra handling. Because the already dry glue becomes very difficult to dispose of. Moreover if the area is very difficult to reach (high position for example), certainly not difficult to clean it.

4. Project material dust.
Dust of this project though not as difficult as cleaning glue / paint / cement. But usually measure a bit more, so to, set aside need more leverage. Because wrong-instead of dust missing. But instead of flying everywhere. The project dust character is sharper when it comes to furniture, furniture, electronics, etc., because project dust is not just ordinary dust but has been mixed with project material such as cement dust, sand, etc.

To clean our new house / building usually, cleaning service / cleaning service service first identify the house we will clean. We need to know what material is there and what to use.

So that we can know the chemical and the right tools for us to use the safe / not damage the area that we clean. For that we must recognize the area or material of the house that we have to clean from the material made of what, we are professional construction cleaning Spokane

Usually the home material consists of:
1. Iron paint.
2. Stainless Iron
3. Iron brass
4. Cor cement / wall.
5. Anti-leak coating
6. Wallpapper
7. Wood.
8. Glass.
9. Tiles
10. Ceramics.
11. Marble / granite / terrazzo.
12. Natural stone.
13. Stainless steel railing
14. Railing of paint iron.
15. Plastic / PVC.
16. Melamine.
17. Cat.
18. Etc.

With the many basic materials of the house above, of course have different ways, tools, and chemicals to clean it so it will get the maximum cleaning result, beautiful, and certainly more durable because it is protected by the right chemical.