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Tips for Throwing a Successful Outdoor Party in Winter

Hosting a party in the months that are experiencing winter is an exciting idea but it can be difficult if you are not well prepared. Here are a few tips to help you plan for your outdoor party during winter.

Create a warm environment for your guests by setting up a bonfire. Due to low temperatures, the guests will gather around the fire as they chatter into the night. Besides adding warmth to the party, you can use the fire to grill or warm up meals. Check to see if you can find a fire pit in your backyard or alternatively, buy a portable pit. As much as fire is crucial during outdoor parties, it can also be hazardous, therefore, it is advisable that you build a cement block and build the fire on top of it.

Ensure that there are enough blankets and pillows for everyone to cuddle and stay warm. Do some research on what kind of blankets are appropriate for winter since some may not keep you warm as you intended. Also, if possible, try to ensure that each guest has an extra pair of boot and coats.

Another great way to warm the outdoor party and light the way is by using heavy-duty candle holders and luminaries. This will outline a path for the guests during the day and light when the sun sets. You can also wrap the lightings around the trees or even fill pails with stick candles in order to give light and warmth.

As the temperatures get low, you need to serve your guests with food and drinks that will increase their body temperatures. You can have an impressive meal that is cooked over the fire either using a grill or just an open fire. Serve the dishes and drinks in cutlery that is going to maintain its temperature. You can also choose to serve your guest with a few drinks in order to quench their thirst. It is also important that you keep into consideration those who do not indulge in alcohol.

Another consideration is to invest in good outdoor furniture that will provide comfortable sitting for the guests. You don’t want to give metal furniture to the guest as this will add up the cold in their bodies. You can add extra layer of the seats through pillows and cushions. You can use old blankets to cover hay bales which act as seats especially if you don’t want to invest outdoor furniture.

Keep the children and the adults entertained through lawn games. You can build snowballs, throw snows at each other or even let the dogs entertain you. Besides you can have a memorable experience watching a holiday movie in your backyard.