Clean Water For Swimming


Owning a pool can be fun for your family, but there are things that you need to do to maintain the way that it looks and to maintain the water. Fortunately, if you make a list of the weekly pool maintenance tasks, then you can enjoy swimming with your family and friends throughout the summer.

Before you get in the pool, you need to use a skimmer to remove any debris that might be floating around, such as leaves or insects. Check the filter to ensure that water is flowing as it should and that there is no debris that will block the filter. Sometimes, frogs or small animals might get trapped in the filter, so they need to be removed before you begin cleaning the pool and before you go swimming. There are vacuums that you can buy that will make cleaning the pool a bit easier.

After skimming the pool, you need to clean the sides so that algae doesn’t begin to build. Check the chemical levels of your pool. If the water looks cloudy, then it can irritate your skin and your eyes. You can get test strips to check the pH level of your pool each week and to check for any bacteria that might be growing in your water. Chlorine is a chemical that you want to keep on hand because it sanitizes the water. You’ll know that the levels are as they should be because your water will be clear and won’t have a scent. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on chemicals, then consider buying them in bulk a the end of the summer season when pools supplies go on sale. Another option would be to use baking soda. This product will help to stabilize the pH levels in the water. Monitor the water level in your pool. If you notice that the levels are dropping, then you might have a leak somewhere or have too many chemicals in the water.