5 Tips on Choosing a Washroom

Dishwasher or also known as kitchen sink, a compulsory furniture in the modern kitchen. The function of this tub is very important, ie as a place to clean your eating utensils as a family. The existence of kitchen sinks make the kitchen look at home more clean and tidy, for detail : tempat atau bak cuci piring

In choosing the right sink, you need to adjust it to the following factors:

1. Size Factor
Just like any other, you need to adjust the size of the tub to be used with the size of the available kitchen. The smaller the kitchen in your home, the chosen tub should not be too big. This is useful to save space while creating a proportional decoration.

2. Depth Factor

With the shape of the container, this sink has an average depth ranging from 20 cm to 25 cm. Adjust the bathtub inside with the amount of furniture to be washed at a time. Keep in mind, the depth of the tub will affect the amount of water that spills out.

3. Material Factor

There are enough ingredients to make tubs, all of which have their own advantages. For example, a tub made from stainless steel famous easy to maintain, durable, and looks attractive but can be scratched and prone to stains. While the porcelain material looks very beautiful iron and shiny thanks to enamel paint on the surface, but can rust if not polished regularly. Another thing with the solid surface materials are famous for expensive and luxurious, but not resistant to high temperatures.

There is also the use of natural stone to make the tub more beautiful and durable, but the weight of the material is very heavy. While acrylic baths are known to be anti-rust, scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and economical, but on the other hand are easy to expand and crack if constantly in the hot-tempered kitchen. Meanwhile, for composite materials, more resistant to temperature and easy to clean, but the price is very expensive.

4. Factor Number of Tubs

Generally, in a set of sinks consisting of one to three tubs / bowls. Because each bowl will eat the room, then the amount must be adjusted to the size of the kitchen. For a small kitchen, you can use a single bowl type tub. Meanwhile, the most suitable double bowl tub is applied if you often cook while washing dishes. Well, for the type of triple bowl, this type would be very fitting when applied to the kitchen that is always busy to use.

5. Installation Factor

Selection of kitchen sink can also be based on how the installation. There are living put in the hole kitchen set, mounted from under the table, connecting with the cabinet surface, or deliberately highlighted out. Different installation will certainly give the impression and form a different aircraft.