12 Tips on How to Overcome Flu or Cold Naturally

Tips on How to Overcome Flu or Cold Naturally, and for detail : cara mencegah dan mengobati gejala flu

1. Expand Drinking Water
Why drink water? the answer is simple, because white water does have a myriad of benefits that also can help treat flu or cold.

Try drinking water at least 8 glasses / day. It aims to keep your throat clean of germs that can cause flu.

2. Consume a Warm Drink
In addition to reproduce drinking water you can also consume a warm beverage for example, warm drinking water, warm tea water, coffee and so on.

Why should a warm drink? The answer is because at the time of the flu, there will be a lot of fluid that is wasted through snot, saliva and sweat.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you drink plenty of water, a goal to replace lost body fluids. Why should warm water?

Because the warm liquid can help reduce clogged nose, prevent dehydration, and relieve a disturbed throat. In addition, steam from hot drinks can also help thin the mucus. So, if you flu immediately drink a warm-warm!

3. Total Rest
Tired body condition will cause weakened immunity and flu will attack when the condition of the body that the immune system weakened.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you take a total rest and stop working for a while, so that your immune system regenerates as it should be.

4. Consumption of fruits and Vegetables
When your body condition weakens, your immune system will automatically weaken. Therefore the intake of vitamins and minerals is needed to help restore the condition of the body.

In addition to helping improve the immune system so as not to get infected with the disease. [Read: Collection of Fruit and Vegetable Benefits Articles]

5. Use onion scent
Onions that we know as one of many spices, it can also be used as a medicine to overcome the flu.

Onion scent (onion, red) can serve as a catalyst in removing fluids and cleaning the nose.

Way, hold the onion under the nostrils and breathe in the aroma for about 5 minutes. Please good luck! [Read: Save the Onion Slice in Every Angle of the Room, see what happens, it’s surprising]

6. Traditional Steam Therapy
Evaporation is one of the traditional means that is believed to work against flu. The way the hot water input into the basin,

Use a towel over your head, and place your face on the basin. In order for the results are more optimal, you can mix eucalyptus oil, turmeric, ginger or other spices.

How to do steam therapy:
– Provide a thick towel or cloth
– Take container or basin, then fill with hot water
– Put eucalyptus / turmeric / ginger / or other spices
– Let stand 5 – 10 minutes
– Put the warm water that has been mixed with the spice just below your face (position down)
– Cover your head with a towel or a thick cloth.
– Do it for 15 – 30 minutes.

7. Gargle
Gargling can be one of the solutions when the flu strikes. Why should rinse? The goal is to help clean the mouth for bad bacteria cause flu does not enter the throat.

Try gargling with warm water mixed with salt, apple vinegar, turmeric ginger for maximum results.

8. Use Aroma Menthol / Mint
Using menthol or mint aroma is one of my ways in overcoming cold or flu.

The way is easy, you just need to apply eucalyptus oil or balsam near the nostrils, throat and the chest.

9. Bath with Warm Water
When you have the flu, try not to use cold water. But always use warm water the goal is to keep the body warm. Avoid drinks or foods containing ice.

10. Consumption Chili / food containing chili
Capsaicin is a chemical compound contained in chili that is believed to have been effective in cleansing the nasal cavity.

When the flu starts to attack, try to consume soup with a sprinkling of pepper or food containing chili. But remember, not too much, later instead of cured heal even stomachache.

11. Spice Consumption That Feels Warm
In addition to using the methods described earlier, you can also try to eat spices that taste like warm, ginger, basil.

Or it could be all of the following spices in united and boiled with enough water, then drink the boiled water. [Read: 10 Types of Medicinal Plants and Its Benefits]

12. Mix of Honey and Ginger
You must know how extraordinary the benefits of honey. In addition to the delicious taste, honey is also rich in benefits such as, useful to overcome the flu or cold.